Love Thy Neighbor

In honor of everything that's going on in the world, I decided to name this post Love Thy Neighbor. I'm a part-time hippie at heart hence the 70s feel of this outfit. I could just imagine myself back in the 70s jammin' to some Janice Joplin and Jefferson Airplane cruisin' in San Francisco. 

My love for the 70s is what drew me to this dress. This was a MAJOR steal at Zara. I purchased it for the price of dun dun dun...$10.00! Crazy, huh? I've never found anything priced that low at Zara. I'm really frugal (usually, most college students are) so finding this made me super happy. Almost made me feel like doing the schmoney dance.

 I almost shed a just kidding I didn't but really I was very happy with this purchase. Sure, it's a size medium and at times I find myself having to lift up my dress and put a belt on it but I still love it. I'll get it tailored...eventually.

What is she wearing?

Zara dress

Hat and Shoes--both unknown (sorry!) Similar styles found below

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