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I'm always baffled by the eternal pieces that are often times, nudged between the already chock-full clothing racks in many vintage stores. Vintage stores have always been and will continue to remain an important resource to me. I consider them an extension of myself. 

As of late, I have been turning more to vintage stores for clothing. I seems as if have developed somewhat of a blase attitude toward malls, boutiques and surprisingly enough online shopping. Maybe it's a phase that i'll grow out of, maybe it's because school is nearing, or maybe I'm just reinventing my style--whatever it is, I'm enjoying it. 

I'm always more amused with the end result of my outfits when they are paired with one or more vintage pieces. Vintage clothing always allow for my outfits to be more unique and playful in their nature. I was lucky enough to have my sister help me find this amazing skirt at a vintage store in San Diego (forgive me for not remembering the name). This skirt screams the 90s grunge era. Had I been a little older in the 90s I could've seen myself rockin' this outfit in the infamous club The Viper Room (before '93 of course!).

Fast forward (lighting speed) to my Forever 21 crop top (another 90s vibe piece). I was really ecstatic that I was finally able to debut this crop top in my blog! I've had it for over a year and I'm surprised the dust bunnies didn't reach it due to the amount of time that it was just sitting in my closet.

What is she wearing?

Forever 21 crop top

Vintage maxi skirt

Forever 21 silver wedges

eBay sunnies

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