Soo...a few weeks ago I got my second pair of eyeglasses! I am as blind as a bat so it was a pretty big deal for me. These glasses are Fendi and I really like these because they are a much different shape than my Versace glasses which are a bit more circular. I'm also very fond of these because they give off the "sexy librarian" vibe. 

These glasses gave this look a very clean, sophisticated and classy look. It definitely served its purpose because that's exactly the look I was going for. Since summer is coming to an end and fall is daunting upon us (scary) I wanted to go for fall colors. I know i'm only wearing two different variations of gray but you catch my drift haha. I've had this shirt for years! I believe since I was in high school? Boy, do I not gain weight...can't believe it still fits! The clutch (which was a steal from Target--$6.00!) makes the outfit more vibrant and lets you know that hey, even though fall is coming up you can still bring back a little bit of summer! ;)

What is she wearing?

Forever 21 beaded shirt

Fendi eyeglasses

eBay harem pants

Forever 21 heels

Target clutch


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