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Pop Princess

Pop Princess

Ever feel as if you never get a chance to really live in the moment? Unfortunately this statement hits close to home. I just recently got back from Atlanta this past Wednesday and already instead of relaxing and enjoying these beautiful California days I've been pretty much planning every aspect of my life. In this day and age, it seems somewhat "normal" to do this. There are very few people I know who can go a day without talking about plans for the future. Sometimes we get so wrapped around time that we forget that it's just a man- made construct.

I'm all about planning--believe me I have about 2 planners and compose a "to-do" list on a daily basis but I'm gradually learning to let go of my routine and live free. Sounds quite cliche but it's something that I want to accomplish before I go back to school. 

I spent the entire past weekend in San Diego and after having gone to numerous stores in Fashion Valley I realized something--I'm no longer a mall person. It's soo intriguing yet ironic that almost two years ago I loathed online shopping and thought I would never surrender to the innovative approach that is online shopping. Yet, fast forward 2 years later and you'll find that a majority of my closet consist of items purchased online from Asos, Aliexpress, Urban Outfitters and Zara. Like this outfit for example.

I was really surprised at how AMAZING this plush green skirt turned out. I can't believe I managed to get this off of Aliexpress. I know, I know some of you have probably heard HORROR stories from shopping on Aliexpress maybe even to the point that you've gotten so frustrated with the site that you've dragged it to your blocked website list. BUT, here is the key-- (1) ONLY buy items from vendors who have diamonds next to their name and (2) the size chart is your friend always look at it. That is the key to shopping for clothing on Aliexpress you can thank me later :).

I titled this post Pop Princess due to the fact that fashion that was once dubbed "pop" is now changing. Singers are breaking barriers. Artist such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, etc are breaking free from the "pop" artist clothing trend. Thus, this marked the need for me to title this post "Pop Princess."

What is she wearing?

Marshalls Top 

AliExpress Skirt

Zara Flats


Bleu Clair

Bleu Clair

Makeup by One Direction Giveaway

Makeup by One Direction Giveaway