Plain and Simple

So believe it or not (majority of you probably believe it) this was an unintentional blog post. I was actually testing out my new lens on my sister when I decided to have her take a few test shots of me. I ended up liking it and decided to make it a post. My reasoning behind it is plain and simple--I needed a post that was, well, plain and simple.

As you probably have all deciphered by now, I love love love wearing colors and I am finally confessing that I have an buying clothing with colors. If you look at my closet, you'll see seafoam green, hot pink, bright yellow--I can be a walking highlighter sometimes but hey! That's the beauty of fashion, it's meant to be fun and playful.

Call me the poster child for American Apparel because pretty much everything I'm wearing is from that store. I always walk into American Apparel and leave disappointed because of one of the following (1) they never have my size in the shoes that I love (I have huge feet-I wear a size 11 sometimes I can squeeze into a 10) or some of the clothing I really like is super expensive. But, miraculously that wasn't the case for these two pieces :).

What is she wearing?

American Apparel Crop Top

American Apparel High Waisted Shorts

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