Love, Life and Good Clothes

You know what I've come to learn? Never, ever, ever take blog photographs during 2-5pm! Well at least in the Inland Empire. To some, these photos are seemingly graceful but in reality that was not the case. It had to be at LEAST 100 degrees outside in Corona. The struggle was definitely real and it didn't help that I got many stares wondering why I was wearing a jacket let alone a long jumpsuit in the weather. Shame on me, I learned my lesson the hard way.

I was soo happy to finally give life to this leopard blazer. Can you believe it's been collecting dust in my closet for over 3 years? I'm so glad I didn't get rid of it but I'm shocked it took me this long to find something to pair with it. Note to self: do not dispose of any clothing with tags UNTIL the 3 year mark has passed :)

If you follow my blog you can expect to always see me wearing something from Forever 21 which is ironic because I always get overwhelmed whenever I go in that store. This time it's the shoes. The lovely floral jumpsuit was purchased online from OASAP :).

What is she wearing?

Charlotte Russe Leopard Blazer

Pulicati Bag (was a gift)

Ebay Necklace (No link--purchased years ago, sorry!)

Forever 21 Silver Wedges

H&M Hat

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