It's quite funny how I named this post G I R L in honor of Pharrell's "G I R L " album but I'm blasting the opposite genre of music As I write this post, I'm listening to PJ Harvey "Who Will Love Me Now." Yes, I know, very melodramatic for this type of post but I'm a fan of all kinds of music. The quote, don't judge a book by it's cover has never been truer for me. I love 40s music, 90s grunge music, trance, trip-hop, pop, you name it. 

I always like to do post that are fun and playful. Aside from being a mixture of Rosie the Riveter and the expansion of clothing for the feminist movement, this style at one point in time was not as socially acceptable as we all think it to be. Fast forward to 2014, and you'll see many different persons paying homage to this fashion past time.

Achieving this look is very simple--all you really need is some sneaks (sneakers), or slip on sneakers, a romper or high waisted jeans, and a head band. Throw on some lipstick (preferably pink or red) and there ya go! I retro-modern pin up girl look.

Unfortunately, I could only locate the blouse online but I had linked similar rompers, shoes, etc to achieve this look.

What is she wearing?

Forever 21 Headband

Wyldehart clothing Romper

Forever 21 Slip On Shoes

Ebay Sunglasses

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