Bleu Clair

If there's one thing I hate it's being sick and if there's something I hate even more it's writing a blog post sick. I honestly don't even know how I got sick. It just hit me badly after I returned from Atlanta. I can't even remember the last time I got sick :/.

Aside from being sick, I had a pretty relaxed day. I was bored most of the day which is strange to me because I rarely get bored. Maybe the serenity of not having to do anything, not having assignments due for my previous internship or some social function to attend is getting to me. Today made me realize that I may be a workaholic haha.

This will probably be the only post that you will not see me with lipstick. I own over 40 lipsticks and to me it's just an extension of myself. My lips feel boring whenever they're not painted. I decided to post a nice and simple outfit one that's easy for anyone to emulate. As a fashion blogger, there are just some days where you just want an outfit to be simple and sometimes simple outfits turn out being the best post. 

I've always wanted a pair of leather shorts they remind me so much of the 80s for some strange reason. So of course when I got these I had to immediately debut them on my blog. Also, I guess you can begin clothing me a Forever 21 love child. It's so ironic because I've been finding it difficult to find things in the store. I guess I've just become overwhelmed and somewhat nervous of the heaps of clothes to rummage through that I just leave the store feeling defeated. I guess I'll just settle to continuing my online shopping **scrolls through Asos's sale section.**

What is she wearing?

Zara flats

Ray Bans Sunglasses

Forever 21 Pleated Shorts

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