Stars and Stripes

I've been on such a long hiatus from blogging and wish I could post more often. I've been in Atlanta for an internship and as you may have guessed did not bring much fashionable clothing nor did I pack up my camera. Fortunately enough, i'll be returning to California and less than two weeks. I'm been semi-anxious to get back to California. I feel like I've been at a standstill with my blog and being in Atlanta has hindered my ability to promote my blog more.

I've been missing family and friends since I've been out here. And oh, a mountain of packages await me when I return. While i've been in Atlanta I did some HEAVY DUTY online shopping from Asos, Aliexpress and Forever 21. My poor mother has been having to pick up all the packages from the post office. I'm already dreading going to the airport out of fear that I'll have to pay extra for the items I purchased while I've been out here such as beauty products from Milani and Black Essence. *Sigh* can I explain this outfit. I've began to notice and really solidify my style. I've come to the conclusion that I like a lot of things going on in my outfit. As you can see, this outfit has a lot going on. I pride myself in the fact that I can have a lot of things going on in my outfit yet still make it look good.

My favorite piece from this outfit is the sweatshirt. Can you believe I got this for guess..Ok I'm still waiting hehe. Well, I got it for only 8 bucks. Yes, I was surprised. You see Forever 21 was having a sale a few months ago and I came across this and thought it was amazing. 

What is she wearing?

Victoria Secret "Pink" knee highs

Forever 21: sweatshirt, hair tie, and glasses

Alexander Wang bag

Skirt: Seller from Aliexpress