I'm back! Well, just for this one post. I wont offically be back until August. I've bought a lot of clothes since my previous blog post so i'm excited to debut them on this blog! In the meanwhile, I've created a what some would say "bucket list" specifically geared toward my blog. I really hope that by December I can gain a lot more followers! I've still got a lot to learn in regards to promoting myself more so I can get my name out there.

In honor of this hot summer, I decided to name my this blog post "Miami." Maybe it's the floral print and flowery backdrop or the neon shirt but something about this outfit reminds me of Miami which is pretty ironic since I've never been to Miami...but you guys get what I mean.

I'll be adding way more commentary to my future blog post. I'm currently doing an internship right now and I left my camera in California out of fear that I would break it on this trip so until then, my commentary will be short that is if I add another blog post after this (while i'm in Atlanta).

What is she wearing?

Forever 21 crop top

Forever 21 floral high waisted shorts