Living in California specifically Long Beach has taught me a lot of things. It's taught me to (1) always bring a pair of sunglasses wherever you go (2) In-N-Out is a sanctuary for some and (3) A lot of beaches tend to be deserted. I've lived here for five years and I still get caught up in all of the touristyesque things in the city--I still put my glasses on when I'm driving through Hollywood Blvd and I still am in awe when I go to Rodeo Dr. These are just some of the things/places that make me really cherish California. I used to live in the South, so coming to California was a huge culture shock. It's quite ironic actually, I live in Long Beach, yet I barely take advantage of the many beaches are in the city. However, that changed today.

When I put this outfit together I was struggling to figure out what backdrop I would want for it. Then it hit me--the beach! The two-piece (short and crop top) remind me very much of Ankara, the only difference is the hundreds of dollars I saved buying this as opposed to buying the real deal. However, as a Nigerian, I kind of have it on my bucket list to own at least 10 Ankara dresses make in the UK or Nigeria by the time I'm 27. 

I really, really really LOVE this outfit and I apologize in advance for the amount of pictures I have attached to this post. It was really difficult for me to narrow down what images I wanted featured in the post--I ended up playing a game of heads or tails...yes its that difficult for me to pick my blog photos.

I decided to dress this outfit down because since I went to take these pictures at the beach, there was no point in me wearing heels or sandals. What I love most about this outfit is that you can dress it up or dress it down. For those of you who want to dress it even more down than I did, try pairing a similar outfit to this with knee highs, sandals, and a jacket. To dress it up for say a night on the town with friends, wear some fun makeup! If you have yellow undertones or are my complexion where some gold jewelry, a red lip (Riri Woo or any other matte lipstick from MAC) and statement jewelry such as some rings or dangly earrings. Instead of wearing sandals, you can wear it with some black or nude heels because remember--the outfit already has a lot going on wearing a bright heel may draw away the much needed attention on the outfit itself.

Until next time!

What is she wearing?

Band of Gypsies crop top and high waisted shorts

Urban Outfitters Sandals

Necklace (Ebay)

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