Long Live the Queen

Sometimes, I feel like I belong in the UK. I love pastels, jelly sandals and big hair and even though I cannot be where I one day desire to be, I consider myself there in spirit. 

This outfit is a dedication to British fashion--the title was an instant giveaway but aside from that, I'm sure many of you couldn't miss the dead giveaway. Yikes, I can't say that phrase without thinking of this guy...

The sunglasses remind me soo much of the John Lennon. Gosh, I really do love the Beatles. I swear I was born in the wrong era. If any of you successfully build a time machine to the 60s-70s please take me with you!

And of course, I could not forget my plaid skirt. I actually found this jem will I was rummaging through the teens rack at Marshalls. Feeling defeated, I decided to leave the store with nothing in hand but on my way out, I noticed this skirt. I could definitely say I was having an internal battle on whether or not I should buy the skirt. So, I decided to try it on in the fitting room and to my surprise I absolutely loved it! It looked better than I imagined and it was different--I don't really see people wearing plaid pencil skirts. I wanted to be stylish, paired this beauty with booties. It only seemed fitting for this type of outfit. However, there is soo many ways that you can style this outfit-- you can wear the pencil skirt with chucks, a jean jacket and a backpack if you want to go for a more grunge feel or you can wear it as is (in the photos).

What is she wearing?

San Souci Plaid Skirt

Booties (Designer Unknown)

Mini Circular Sunglasses (Ebay)

"Meow" Shirt: Forever 21

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