Today was such a hectic day--I ran errands for school, prepped for graduation and conducted some more research for my thesis. I'm actually even surprised that I had time to pencil in a blog post. With that being said, , today's blog commentary will be short and sweet :). This outfit post is a bit on the casual side--hint the shorts and sweatshirt which I'm still not sure why I wore it when it was in the 80s today. I wanted to finally let my legs breathe since lately my school outfits have been comprised of yoga pants and leggings--yea...I know those two fashion pieces are soo unbloggeresque!

What is she wearing?

Forever 21 Sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters Short

Michael Kors Rose Gold/Dark Blue Watch

Foreign Exchange Hat

Botkier bag

Lookalike Keds from H&M

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