Flower Power

Today was extremely hot in Santa Ana today. It's almost as if I could feel my foundation literally melting off of my face. I thought living in LA/OC County weather would be drastically different from that of the I.E's but it seems as if it's the exact same :/. As you may all now, I'm a sucker for red lipstick. I just personally feel that it's the best lipstick color, besides purple, that suites my skin tone. I have about 6 different red lipsticks. A few months ago, I came across this two piece at Marshalls and my love of flower decorated clothing I couldn't resist purchasing these items. It's a great outfit to wear to a lunch with friends or if you wanna go on a casual lunch date.

What is she wearing?

San Souci (Marshalls flower crop top/dress set)

Target heels

Ebay Sunglases

Ebay Clutch

With Love, Banke

Banke Balogun2 Comments