Erase and Rewind

Notice anything familiar about this post? I'll give you a hint-it's striped. For those of you who guessed correctly, YES I used the shirt from my post titled "Striped" to give this outfit a little bit of flavor. Ever since I started my blog, I started to experiment more with the type of clothing I wear. I no longer have constraints on my wardrobe. So as a warning, you may either love, hate or have a love-hate relationship with some of my outfits, but rest assured it's ok to feel that way. After all, isn't that was fashion is all about? 

So, as I proved my point before this outfit happens to be one of those experiments--you'll either love it or hate it haha. I actually have a funny story about the dress. I purchased it from a vendor from China and the item looks NOTHING like as described by the seller. I was a little hesistant to wear this dress because polyester is not my forte. But, since I started a blog I said to hell with it--it's time to stop conforming to my usual taste in fashion.

What is she wearing?

Forever 21 Striped Sweater

Wildfox "Cross My Heart and Hope to Die" Sunglasses

Dress: Ebay (China seller)

Deena and Ozzy Sandals (Urban Outfitters)

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