A Dream Deferred

I'm super in love with this outfit--It reminds me of Ankara print (shout-out to all my Nigerian followers). If I could, I would wear Ankara print everyday but it would be very expensive for me to do so...so i'll pass. My favorite part about this ensemble is the Tory Burch necklace. The gold necklace accentuates my neck and gives the outfit a more formal feel. For those of you who would like to wear a similar romper that resembles this one (with a more casual feel)--ditch the heels, wear some flats or 3 inch sandals and don't wear a necklace. That's the thing I love about rompers, jumpsuits, etc...you can dress them up or you can dress them down!

What is she wearing?

Ivanka Trump heels

Tory Burch necklace

Miss D. One-piece/romper

Banke Balogun1 Comment