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A Day on the Town

A Day on the Town

It seems like I rarely do any casual post so I decided to make this post dedicated to all things casual. As a blogger, I know it's sort of a requirement to always be dressed super nice, with my hair and makeup done but let's face it it's quite unrealistic to be "dressed up" everyday. Even celebrities don't do that.

It's very easy to incorporate patterns and designs into an outfit and make it casual. You can either wear some high waisted distressed shorts or some high waisted jeans. Heck, it doesn't even need to be high waisted--i'm just soo used to wearing these type of jeans that it's very scary for me to wear just regular jeans. Weird huh? It's like the Apocalypse hit whenever I wear regular waisted (yes, I made this term up) jeans. 

If you are looking for a good store to buy high waisted jeans I definitely would recommend American Apparel. Not only are their jeans super fitting but they come in all sorts of different colors. I purchased mine from the American Apparel Flea Market in DTLA for only 50 bucks as opposed to me buying them from the regular AA store which these jeans (the name of the jeans are "Easy Jeans) run for 70 bucks.

And of course I had to incorporate my favorite love---Chanel bags into this blog post. To me, this added a "pop" to my outfit. The bag with the striped shirt and flannel top just complete this entire look. For an even more casual look, ditch any lipstick. Riri Woo (MAC Collection) is like my drug, I literally wear it almost every day. I definitely need to ween off of my addiction!

What is she wearing?

Ralph Lauren Flannel Button Down

American Apparel Easy Jeans: Found


H&M midirings

Chanel Bag

A Dream Deferred

A Dream Deferred