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After a long and stressful week of school, I am pleased to say I was able to go back home to Corona for the weekend and spend some quality time with mi familia. And of course, with all of the great weather Socal has been experiencing lately, it only makes sense to have a fun and flirty blog post. 

I rarely wear strapless anything--shirts, dresses, swimsuits, etc because I always have the biggest fear that it'll fall down in front of a crowd of people. I always think it'll be like the scene from Carrie when her exasperating mother chants "they're all going to laugh at you!" Yea, I know it's a little weird to have that type of fear, but I do and I'm glad today starts my slow transition to wearing strapless pieces.

There's a LOT I want to say about this outfit that I find it difficult to select my favorite piece. So, to make it a little easier for myself and for you (the reader), I'll start my narrative of this outfit from the top to the bottom. So, the corset. This was an AMAZING steal from Forever 21. After hours of digging and almost having a dispute with someone (hunger games style) over the last size small of this corset I WON. Sometimes, I get very overwhelmed with Forever 21 because they have too....many....items! 

The bag: The bag is a large vintage Chanel bag. It reminds me of the Audrey Hepburn "Breakfast at Tiffany" era. This has to be one of my favorite bags....EVER. Chanel is so timeless and still remains one of the top designers. But, before I go on a tangent for my love of Chanel bags, I'll move on to the next item- the skirt. This golden skirt was a steal from JcPenny. You can wear it out for a night on the town, or a lunch date with your friends or family. 

Until next time!

What is she wearing?

Forever 21 Corset

JcPenny Skirt

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Chanel Bag

Kate Spade Nude Pumps

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