Take Me to the Disco

The weather in Socal has been really...interesting these days. Some days it's hot while other days, I feel like i'm back in the east coast. Today was one of the day's where the weather was beautiful. So beautiful, that I decided to take a trip to Beverly Hills with my sister for an amazing day of lunch and shopping. I felt that today was the PERFECT day to spend in my Michael Kors Jumpsuit. I cannot tell you all how much I LOVE this jumpsuit. It screams 70s disco!

I felt that it was only suiting to pair this outfit together with a red lip. I'm praying that RiRi Woo is never discontinued by Mac--that will be the day where I cry my eyes out! When I first put together this outfit, I thought that it would look great with heels but to my dismay......not soo much. I decided to go with some sandals and it was better that way anyways since I walked A LOT during the day (the American Apparel Flea Market had me going crazy). 

To me, this outfit is timeless and it's safe to say that ONE good thing from the 70s that is here to stay are....JUMPSUITS!

What is she wearing?

Michael Kors Belted Jersey Jumpsuit: found


Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch: found


H&M MidiRings: similar one found


Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote: found