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Teen Vogue Fashion Week SS15 Challenge

Teen Vogue Fashion Week SS15 Challenge

Hey guys! This was an archived post but I was recently invited to take part in Teen Vogue's Fashion Week SS15 Challenge and I only felt that this outfit was suitable for the challenge! 

Although I was in California and would have LOVED to attend NY Fashion Week and this is what I would have wore if I had been granted the opportunity to go. I'm originally from New Jersey, and I would often times visit the city (NYC) a lot. I incorporated what colors I remembered seeing New Yorkers wear year round which a lot of times happened to be olive green, navy blue, and black.

 New York Fashion Week is a chance for bloggers to showcase their style. If I would have went,  I could totally see myself rockin' this killer outfit at the Balmain, L.A.M.B, and Kate Spade Show!

Now, about the outfit :)

 Believe it or not I am obsessed with bowties but unfortunately, I haven't been able to rock them as much as I want to because it seems to be I do not have as much collared shirts/blouses as i'd like too leaving my bow-tie collection to collect dust :/. 

This outfit is mininalism with a twist to it-- the striped shirt. I tried to pair the pants with a white and black shirt but it was just too boring. I lucked out with the trousers! Believe it or not I got these from h&m for only $5.00! So yes, it IS possible to rock a killer outfit on a budget.

What did you wear for NY Fashion Week or what would you have worn if you attended?

What is she wearing?

Hat: H&M

Blouse: San Souci 

Trousers: H&M

Shoes: Target

Watch: Marc Jacobs

The CraFt

The CraFt