Et Loin

Having a self-defense class twice a week has really put a strain on my fashion sense during school days. However, today I decided not to be lazy and change during my 2 hour break into this outfit. My feet had hurt like hell from the class (my instructor requires for us to be barefoot) so I opted out from wearing heels to flats.

This outfit was an inspiration from Parisian style and looks that were featured on the show Gossip Girl. Till this day, I'm still bummed that the show was canceled and even more bummed that they didn't even follow the book ending.

My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the beret. I try to be very different--I don't really tend to see many people wearing berets anymore but I just felt that this outfit wasn't complete without it. The pants give the outfit a trendy look and the blouse is sleek so it's very work friendly.

What is she wearing?

Aldo Naleri Flats

H&M Trousers

Forever 21 Beret

Pulicati Bag

PinkRose Blouse

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